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Hi! I'm Skye, the air pup and aviator on the PAW Patrol. I am going to make a quiz called, Answering Your Questions. This quiz is the introduction to that one.

You can ask me questions about anything! Questions like: What's your favorite mission you've been on? or Do you prefer Mission Paw or Ultimate Rescue? are some ideas.

Created by: Skye04

  1. Hi! I'm Skye, the air pup and aviator on the PAW Patrol.
  2. I am going to make a quiz that will hopefully answer frequently asked questions about me.
  3. You can ask me anything you want!
  4. BUT, there are some rules...
  5. First, you can only ask me questions in the comments of this quiz if you want them to appear in the quiz.
  6. Second, they have to be questions I could answer, not questions like, Who does Zuma have a crush on? because, how should I know!?!?
  7. Third, I need to know your account name, because I want to give you credit for your question.
  8. To go with rule number three, I have other accounts on other websites. You can ask me questions there, as well.
  9. Quotev; Skye @Skye04Fanpop; @04SkyeWattpad; @04Skye
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Intro to Answering my Questions