How much do you know about paw patrol

You just gotta try paw patrol. It is really funny and cool. This show teaches you to stand up for yourself and rescue and also take good care of your pet.

You getting your power to like, know paw patrol a episodes and then come take my quiz and use your knowledge to get a 100. I'm just saying good luck

Created by: Izzy

  1. Who was the 6th pup to join paw patrol?
  2. What pup was able to join Katie in the puptacular?
  3. Which character is afraid of Eagles?
  4. Who is the craziest character?
  5. Who usually makes Marshall fall of his ladder?
  6. Who rescues the most (partners)😀
  7. Who is in the herding compitition
  8. Who is a couple that hangs out most
  9. Who is the best
  10. Did you like my quiz

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about paw patrol