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there are many fanfictions out there, but few of PAW Patrol. It's about a girl pup named Rue. She likes Rocky and Rocky likes her back. They don't know they like each other though

The other pups know, EVEN RYDER. But Rue and Rocky don't know they know. It's pretty funny actually. I hope you enjoy it! It took me a while so.......

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan

  1. Rue was sleeping, happy and snug. She was smiling and dreaming about missions as someone bumped into her. Rue woke up instantly scared. "I am so sorry Rue!" Rubble said. "It-It's okay Rubble. You didn't mean too." Rue said out of breath. "H-hi Rue." Rocky said smiling. "Hi Rocky!" Rue said happily wagging her tail. Rue and Rocky were walking to each other. Marshall ran between them. "Have you seen Rubble?" He asked. "Uh, yeah he just bumped into me." Rue said smiling. Marshall smiled and tripped and fell on Rue. Rue screamed in fear. "Rue!" Rocky said trying her help her up. "I'm okay Rocky." Rue said and then shook her head. "Well, that's a relief." Rocky said smiling. Marshall got up. "I am so sorry Rue!" Marshall said. "It's alright. It just seems like guys are bumping into me all day." Rue said, laughing. Marshall and Rocky laughed. "Well, if you don't mind...I'm try to find Rubble now." Marshall said grinning.
  2. "Bye Marshall!" Rocky said smiling. Marshall ran around looking for Rubble. "So. Hi again Rocky." Rue said, smiling at the ground. Rocky smiled at Rue. "Wanna race?" Rue asked. "You think you can outrun ME?" Rocky asked. "I don't think, I know." Rue said. "Oh you're on!" Rocky said, laughing. Rue laughed as they went to the starting line. Chase met up with them. "Hi guys!" He said, smiling. "Hi Chase!" Rue said. "What are you doing?" Chase asked happily. "Actually, Rocky and I were gonna have a race." Rue said smiling at Rocky. "Oh okay! I will be the host!" Chase said happily. "Alright!" Rocky said grinning. Chase quickly ran aside. "Megaphone!" Chase said and then barked. His megaphone came out. "Today, Rocky and Rue will be racing each other. Who will win? We'll find out in no time!" Chase said grinning.
  3. "Ready." Chase said. And Rue and Rocky looked at each other happily. "Set." Chase said again. "I'm gonna win." Rocky and Rue both said at each other. "GO!' Chase yelled. They both ran, and the finish line was not to far from them. They laughed having fun. Rocky quickly ran in front of Rue. "Rocky is in the lead! Not to far though, Rue is behind!" Chase said happily. Rue smirked at Rocky and quickly ran in front of him. "Now Rue is in the lead!" Chase said happily. Rocky gasped and ran in front of Rue. "Now Rocky!" Chase said quickly. The other pups walked behind, and cheered. Rocky quickly reached the finish line. "Haha!" Rocky said. "Aww! You beat me!" Rue said laughing. "It's alright Rue." Skye said, running up to them.
  4. Rue whined. "Aww! Sorry Rue! I didn't mean to upset you!" Rocky said pouting. "You didn't upset me." Rue said smiling. "I didn't?" Rocky asked. "No! You won. Fair and square." Rue said. "Great job Rocky!" Chase said running toward them. "Thanks! It was really hard! Rue is really fast!" Rocky said grinning. Rue smiled at Rocky.
  10. DJKSLJF;

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