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  • ******************* ******************* ******************* ***

    I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently looking up more difficult and insanely impossible questions for the next Insanely Impossible Quiz. "Insanely Impossible Quiz 2: This time, it's personal".

    I noticed that due to there being only 20 questions, there is a moderate chance people could pass by simply guessing the answers. And though 51% is required to pass and that may still be a difficult percentage to achieve, I can not help but feel that people should only get below 25%. To ensure your humiliation of getting an extremely low score, the questions will not be random, miscellaneous, and abstract crap you could find out all about on Google.

    Instead, the questions will be entirely based on the subjects of quantum mechanics, botany, literature, astrophysics, and world cultures.

    Kelley 08, Dark Knight16 has a point. In order for the quiz to be possible, it will have to be passed. And since you were only c

  • Well Kelly, it kinda is impossible to pass, seeing how you only got 35% and you needed 51% to pass.

    Lol I only got 25%. It was HARD!

    Dark Knight16
  • Bummer...35% I guess it really isn't all that impossible and I'm really dumb.

  • WTF?! 15%

    Who even needs to know all this pointless BS?!

  • well, i suck. 25%.

    but who needs to know this nonsense anywayysss?

  • lmao.... 10%


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