in a small squad, what weapon do you have?

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Your weapon is a small part of you. It shows how your mind works. It works with your stratigies. You might be suprised or not suprised, so just take and enjoy the quiz.

The questions are going to be directed to your mind, emotions, and impulses. These will show what weapon you would have in a squad of five or six. ENJOY.

Created by: jose

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  1. You prefer having ______ on your side.
  2. Your storming the building. What is your position?
  3. A member of your group is injured, and the enemy aproches. You. . .
  4. In training you practiced...
  5. The best sound?
  6. another best sound?
  7. remember the building? Say you went in the building. where are you?
  8. You teach the new guy what?
  9. your wave is the...
  10. The battle is posibble over. What do you do?
  11. How good was this test if you liked it?

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Quiz topic: In a small squad, what weapon do I have?