What is your war weapon?

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A warrior is a respectable person and his/her identity lies in the weapon or skill he/she posseses. The weapon itself talks about the warrior's strategies, mentality, skill and personality.

We all have a hidden warrior inside us and I am gonna help you find out your inner weapon. It will tell about who you actually are and how your mind works and how sharp reflexes are. This quiz was my most difficult quiz till now and I would you recommend you to think and answer the questions. Good luck!!

Created by: Demontheangel

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  1. What is your favourite element?
  2. In case of war, which of the following animal will you choose as your partner?
  3. If you were given the following options, which one would you choose to become a better warrior?
  4. Suppose to complete a given task which one of the following would you summon?
  5. Before a war an ancient wizard offers you the following options and you can only choose one to use as an advantage. Which on would you choose? (think and choose)
  6. Who will you choose as your master/mistress?
  7. Which animal would you choose as the symbol of your empire?
  8. Lastly, if u win the battle would you execute your enemy?
  9. Did you like my quiz? (no effect)
  10. Did you take my last quiz 'Mythology inside you'? (no effect)
  11. Did you take my first quiz 'Which element do you represent'?

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Quiz topic: What is my war weapon?