What weapon is more fitting for you

Take this quiz if your favorite weapon isnt actually it i mean ride the title...now umm so like yeah if you think you need to find out what weapon you need just take the quiz

If you really need to find out your right weapon take this quiz and i shall garuentee you all your problems solved and a free koala(not really) but you may get a free NOTHING if you take the quiz instead of the koala

Created by: your mom

  1. Have you killed a man?if yes then how
  2. If you were to dominate the world what will you do
  3. Is your mother home?
  4. Witch of these is your favorite game series
  5. Do you have a pet?if yes then what do you feed him/her/it(if you have a pet rock).
  6. If you were a movie star what will you want the audience to praise you with
  7. If you adopted a monkey what will you use it for?
  8. 1010001110100101000111100101000101010
  9. welll ummm...sdf

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