What's Your Weapon?

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Based on your personality and fighting strategies, I will try to perfect the greatest fighting weapon for you to have. Hope you enjoy and please comment, heart, and follow!

What kind of weapon do YOU wield? In this quiz we will look through your personality to find out what kind of a weapon a person like you would wield. Are you an outgoing (powerful) type, or possibly a more charming (strategic) character. In this test, we will find out!

Created by: TheAnimePeople
  1. If you had to kill someone how would you do it?
  2. What words describe you the most?
  3. What would you call yourself?
  4. What matters to you the most?
  5. Someone wants to fight. What do you say?
  6. Did You want to fight?
  7. If you are in a group what person of the group would you be?
  8. How strong are you?
  9. How well do you know yourself?
  10. Does fighting for what you believe in matter to you?
  11. Are you a spiritual person?
  12. In a combat what would suit you best?
  13. What matters the most in a combat?
  14. What would be your ideal tattoo?
  15. What animal is your favorite?
  16. Which name would you go by?
  17. Which fits the sentence? "I live, die, then ___"
  18. How was this quiz?

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