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"Im a Celebrity... Get me out of here!" Is a show, Watched by almost the Whole of the United Kingdom! What is "Im a celebrity?" Is about 12 contestance battling out to Win The King or Queen , by spending 3 Tough weeks In the australian Jungle!

How much do YOU know about the show? By answering these Questions, you will Get your Result on How much you Know!? Will you be the King or Queen by answering these Questions?

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. Who was the Winner in the 2012 series?
  2. Who Was selected to do the Bush tucker Trail 5 times, and Failed all of them?
  3. Who only got Approximatly 89g of Stars in the head-to-head bush tuck Trail, and Had to Leave the Jungle?
  4. _______ dollar Challenge. (Pick a suggestion Bellow, that Fits into the Gap)
  5. In the Camp meddlier challenge, What was Ashely and Davids Task, to scare the Everyone at Midnight?
  6. Who are the Presenters of Im a Celebrity... get me out of here?
  7. What are the Camps called?
  8. Who were the New Camp mates?
  9. How many weeks does The show go On for?
  10. What were the Stars used for, when the Camp mates won in bush tucker trails?
  11. How many Contestants are in the Camp all together
  12. Were is it set?
  13. Who Won the first Bush tucker Trail?
  14. What was Davids Mission in the "Camp Meddlier" challenges Mentioned Before?
  15. Who was the First to leave?
  16. Which Contestant lost the Most weight?
  17. Who had to leave the Jungle after a few days of Broadcasting?

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