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  • I got Barbie:

    Where's Ken? You are a very stylish person, probably. You have lots of stylish, fancy and gorgeous clothes! "You can brush my hair, and take me everywhere!" There are songs about you! Be careful... Ken could possibly be and EVIL GENIUS! Another danger: If your "Girl" doesn't put you away, you could be a bone for her dog! Be careful and don't talk when the humans are around! I hope you like my quiz! I also hope you have a wonderful life with Ken! Ba-bye! =D (BTW I don't mean to hurt your feelings about the dog-bone part!)

    Cool quiz =D

  • Baby doll,I do find myself sorta creepy like and mysterious like those odd toys but in a good way. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • im a army dude:D

    andrew d

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