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  • Okay, the truth is I'm really a demigod. I'm not lying here! I haven't told ANYONE because I thought people would think I was insane. I figured it out when I realized that I have a few problems. Like one, I have ADHD and I always never stop doing anything right. I always mess things up and I can never get along with any mortals at school. Also my dad left when I was born. The quiz says I'm Zeus's daughter, although he's actually my grandpa! LOL. My dad really is Apollo. I'm actually really good at archery. And I love music. At times, I can see the future too. It's crazy. Nobody understands my problem. Heh, like granddaughter like grandfather! Lol.

  • I got Athena.

  • I got Zeus. Mythology is cool.

  • i got zeus tbh idk how hes kinda of a jerk(gets struck bye lighting)AHHHHHH I DONT REGRET IT WHAT I SAID IS KIND OF TRUE AND YOUR WIFE SUCKS (gets struck again) AHHHH(dies a horrible very painful godsawful death)

    no offence ppl of zeus this is

    Lilly Travis
  • Hehehehehe I got Zeus and I didn't even mean to


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