If you took my quiz Please Help Me I'm Panicking...

So if you took my quiz Please Help Me, I'm Panicking! then you know all about what happened to me. And here's what I've decided to do. I'm scared, but the future seems better now that I know what to do.

Thank you all for your advice and prayers. It makes everything easier. Its funny how my real support during this time came from perfect strangers, while my real-life friends shunned me.

Created by: Lexi
  1. Please read top paragraphs!
  2. So first I want to thank everyone for comment on my quiz. I was in a bad place, and I really needed the help.
  3. Yesterday, after reading all of the comments, I decided to tell my parents. I barely got done asking to talk to them before I started crying.
  4. After I explained, they were more sad than angry. They told me to tell them who the father of the baby is. I couldn't tell them. I said that it was bad enough knowing what I did. I didn't want anyone to know about him.
  5. My parents took me to the doctor. They tested me and found out that I am pregnant. I was hoping that it was wrong. That somehow I wasn't pregnant. But I guess I am.
  6. I haven't told Caleb about me being pregnant. I haven't talked to him since what happened. I don't want him to know about the baby. He's not someone who is ready to be a father.
  7. My parents are Sending me live with my aunt in Colorado. She's a doctor, and I will stay with her until I have my baby.
  8. I've decided to give my baby up for adoption. I want he or she to have the best life possible. I can't be the mother it needs. But somewhere out there is a family who will love my baby and give it the best life possible. It deserves that life.
  9. I'm keeping a journal about my experiences during this pregnancy. I'm going to give it to the adoptive parents of my baby. Maybe one day he or she can look back at it and see how much I love it, and that I'm giving it up because I want it to be all that it can be.
  10. I'm not going to have sex again until I get married. Maybe one day this will all turn into something for the best.
  11. Would you guys like me to make a follow up quiz on what happens the next few months? Leave a comment to let me know.
  12. Once again , thank you for all of the advice and prayers. ~Lexi

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