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  • Your Result: You would save your best friend 84%

    You would save your best friend over anyone else because they've been there for you through everything, and they never let you down. Even if they did they tried their best to pick you right back up.

    74% You would save your family
    0% You would save yourself
    Woop! My bestie Rocks!! Cool!
    @diva721 : Why Hello there! :DDD

  • Your Result: You would save your family
    79% result

    You would be caring and not be selfish. You would save your family from anything dangerous. You would try your best to protect the ones you love. You wouldn't take anything from them even if they forced you to take it.

  • I would save my BFF cause I've know since I was 6 now im gonna turn ten and she moved from NC to Hawaii and that breaks my heart and i can't let her go just yet a she moved away before my birthday on Jul.26. ):

  • Hey. I'm the 1st person to comment here. If Epic steosaurus sees this, I said "Hey there from diva721=)"

    My results are I would care for my family
    Rememba to comment beautful people

  • I got 79% saving best friend, 65% saving family, and 1% saving myself.

  • save meh family

  • I got family, and 0% save myself :3


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