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  • Ummmmm I don't know if I like Cedric yet XP it normally takes me a while to decide (you sure his brothers have no looks at all? XP) Hmm I wonder what's up with the whole no paying thing, interesting... I'll look out for part 4!

    P.S. new series tend not to get too many readers in the beginning; mine didn't start getting that many actually until I hit the double digits in parts

  • Hey, cool story. Sorry I haven't able to check it out earlier, I was in the hospital. It was good, keep up the good work and a little more description! (: I'm staying tuned for the next one.


  • This was AWESOME!!!!! but I don't like Cedric :/

    Other than that these quizzes totally completely awaome!

    p.s. WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Loved iT! :D
    Read My Story!? The Hunger Games: Part One
    Thankss, Bye! xD


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