If you could do it with anybody.... Who?

This quiz is to see what type of boys you like. If you like a certain type of boys it will show. Make sure your not just clicking. Just know that this quiz is the best there is.

If you wanna know what boys are your type take this quiz Now! It will tell you just click the things you actually like. Don't lie to yourself actually thing about it.

Created by: Talia Al_Ghul

  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Have you ever play 7 minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare, or Spin the Bottle?
  4. Choose a number. choose the gender you like.
  5. Do you like the guy to kiss first or you to make the first move?
  6. What kind of sport do you like your men to play?
  7. Do you say you are a good kisser?
  8. How smart do you like him.
  9. Where you you want the muscles
  10. Nerds?
  11. 7 minutes?

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