If I wrote a book would you like it?

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Hey I'm writing a book and have been for years now so I wanna see if I finish it if people will read and actually like it...so please please please I want to see

I don't mind if you don't like these types of books I'll just get a tiny bit discouraged just a tiny bit not a lot...at all...not a lot...ill be ok and continue writing for those who will like it...

Created by: KittyKatrinaKat
  1. What genres do you enjoy most?
  2. Do you like secrets and surprised?
  3. Do you like myths?
  4. Do you like twists in the story line
  5. Do you mind my obsession with masquerades costumes and secrets...
  6. Do you mind that I have more than one main character
  7. Do you mind if I color code everything and sat everyone has a color
  8. 15 years later...
  9. I have paired almost everyone with someone else romantically and have made the kids of them (I really need more males)
  10. Lastly I'm stuck with male characters and I need help you can email me suggestions if you want (doesn't affect quiz)

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