If I were chocolate where would I be

have you ever wonder were you parents keep there stash of chocolate? Have you been wondering days and nights where the chocolate is, well you came to the right place

Will you find out we're they hide it ( my sister: the results don't make sense!) ( me : they do to me) so are you ready to find out or are you scared find with this quiz

Created by: Zeldafan901

  1. Where is you ideal place for hiding?
  2. Where is you ideal place for hiding?
  3. What is your favorite thing ?
  4. I ran out of questions
  5. Hi
  6. last question where does chocolate come from
  7. I'm kidding there is still more questions what is you favorite place in your house?
  8. favorite bird
  9. 2 more questions if you saw chocolate takin away from your BFF what would you do
  10. One more Select your fav chocolate

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