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  • Oh yeah, and I am far from this 'reason' you speak of, didn't you bother yourself to read the tiny paragraphs I typed? Sheesh if you are that mad then take one of my other quizzes, I reccomend the one I'm making today, called "How are you gonna end up dead?"

    PS - Blood= Yum OR Cool ^^

  • If I Met You...?
    Your Result: Decent Aquaintances 85%

    If I came across you randomly, we'd most likely be acquaintances, and I might chat with you should I see you again later. Well, I guess I'll be seeing you.

    82% Friends
    0% Unremembered
    0% Agh! You Are A Cross!
    0% Enemies
    Oh thats nice

  • Well, thanks? I guess. I don't like to be enemies with most people but they choose to ignore me so I'm used to it.

    Pyra Potter
  • @Feygoddess:

    Hey , if you're not like me then you're not like me. Simple enough


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