If I Met You...?

All right; I am a very strange person who wants to see how people would be if I came upon them somewhere...you can call me weird, but I couldn't care any less about that.

So, would you become a friend of mine? A decent acquaintance? To get to the level where I DON'T forget your name would mean pushing the boundary of strange, banishing the "social norm" and turning dark to the core...for examples. ..^^

Created by: Asakuun Draconis
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would you think if someone glanced at you often?
  2. Do you care about how you look? REALLY?
  3. If you were around someone who cursed a lot, you'd tell them:
  4. Pop, rap, hip-hop?
  5. Which of these best describes your personality? (Don't be a liar, I despise liars D:
  6. Which faith is yours:
  7. Do you read manga?
  8. If you could be one of these, which?
  9. Blood
  10. All right. For examples, let's say I am someone attractive. I'm not saying whether I am or not, seeing as that would be YOUR decision upon meeting me.
  11. Popularity out of 5?
  12. K, if you ever read the manga Naruto, how would you respond to a barter - ultimate power for your soul? (IDK why I decided to remember that, since I don't read it anymore)
  13. You come across a demon in the midst of night's dark folds. You:
  14. Lastly, if you saw a girl sitting alone on a bench in the dead of night (even if it was out of your window) you would:
  15. Oh whoops I forgot this question ^^ Pink, makeup and fan of recent young "idol" people? (I won't name names, since I don't type the names of people I hate)

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