If I didn't know any better... part 6

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Hey people. So, sorry it took me a while to get this out ( a day. Don't hold a grudge) anyway, to make it up to you guys, I decided to make the cover of this quiz a hideous selfie I took like, two years ago. Lol, I kinda look drunk in that one, but Idc.

Anywhos... Maybe I'll do an update selfie someday when I get a new phone.. I dunno, I'm really just being kinda random to fill up space, so you don't gotta read this.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***Previously on 'If I didn't know any better...'My mom had died. She'd left me behind and now I had no family, except for my dad, who didn't care about me one bit. He did this. I blame him. He made her I'll, having to work three jobs to support me and her. I'd never forgive him. Never.
  2. I stormed outside, Aaron following closely behind me in shock as I took off down the street with a frown. "Val! Babe. Where are we going?" he asked, heavily panting as he began to jog after me. " I don't know about you, but I'm going to work. I promised my mom I would live life to the fullest, and that's what I plan on doing." I explained, giving a harsh glare as he insisted on tagging along.
  3. A while later, we'd arrived at the bar, Mr Rotini greeting me with a warm smile. "Valerie Wilde! Just the girl I was looking for! What happened the other day? You didn't come in to work, but... It's okay. I just need some help with the guys over there." he explained, pointing to a group of guys waiting to be served. " Sure, sir. Let me just go get my boyfriend a drink and then I will serve them. " I sighed, sashaying over behind the counter, pouring him a small glass of wine. The guys around the counter gave wolfish grins as I walked past them, handing Aaron his drink. "Here, babe." I said, watching him gulp it down with a smile.
  4. Walking back to the group of guys, I gave a friendly smile and took out a small sheet of paper. " So, what can i get you all?" I asked, leaning against the counter, ready to take note of what they wanted. "Three red wines, one martini, and a beer. If that's not too much trouble, of course." the tallest guy said, flashing a shy smile. "Sure thing." I grinned, turning away to pour the drinks. " Woah, dude! That hottie just grinned at you, you lucky thing." one of the guys whispered a bit too loudly, Aaron's ear perking up as he waltzed over to the counter.
  5. I carefully placed the drinks down on the counter, giving a small smile before turning to Aaron. "Babe, can I get another drink?" he asked, obviously a little drunk already. "Aaron, do you really think you need another?" I sighed, pouring him another glass. "Thanks, val." he chuckled softly."Hey, mind refilling mine as well,... " the shortest of the guys asked, try to figure out my name. "Valerie. My name's Valerie. And sure." I chuckled, Pouring him another wine.
  6. After a while of serving a large crowd of guys, I'd realized that Aaron had left me alone, which was a little unusual for him. After pouring the last drink, I quickly searched around for him, finding him laying down on a large Grand Piano bench. "Aaron! I told you that you shouldn't have drank so much. My shift doesn't end until ten. How will you get home?" I asked, watching as he gave a ditzy laugh. "Baybeh. Don't worry, bout me. I'll just wait for you." he insisted, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. " Valerie. Mind asking your little boyfriend to not kiss you? I know your taken, but that doesn't mean the other guys need to know. If they thought you were single, it'd get them drinking more. " Mr Rotini insisted, giving me a small smile as I told Aaron to take a nap.
  7. ***Twenty minutes later***"Hey cutie. Mind pouring me a glass of your finest drink?" a tall, attractive guy asked, flashing a playful smile as I gave a nod. "Here you go. That'll be five dollars, unless you want a refill." I explained, taking a seat on the corner of the counter. Yes, I'd taken a couple of sips of wine. Probably not the best thing to do, but hey, we all make mistakes. "Yeah. I'll or be here for a while." he assured me with a cute laugh. "Do I know you? You seem familiar." I asked, furrowing my brows and tapping my chin as I tried to figure out where I had seen him before. "I go to Calaste High." he shrugged. " Oh? So do I." I said, suppressing the urge to giggle awkwardly. "Do you? I'm surprised I've never seen you before." he said giving a smile as he handed me his glass for a refill.
  8. " I haven't been there long. I'm sure you've heard of me. Almost everybody has. Valerie Wilde, the s***** new girl?" I laughed, watching as he gave a nod. "So you're this Valerie girl I've heard so much about? I'm Lance Knightly." he said, sipping down his drink with a grin. " Oh. Are you by chance friends with Ethan?" I asked curiously, taking a sip of red wine with a giggle. "Yep. Tell me, Valerie. I'm guessing you're not really the type of girl everyone's saying you are?" he asked, studying me with a smirk. " Nope. I'm usually *giggle* pretty innocent." I laughed, giving him another drink before pulling off the apron I'd been wearing. "You're shifts over?" he whined, putting an arm around my shoulders. "Yep. I work from two until ten." I explained, stumbling over to Aaron who looked a little better than he had.
  9. We stumbled down the street, our body's repeatedly bumping against each other as we walked in a weird stumbly way. "Val, baybeh. Don't you eveah give me another drink as long as I live. Mkay? Mkay." he groaned, grabbing onto any lamp poles we would pass to keep himself steady. We were halfway to his house, when I overheard the shuffling of feet behind us. I turned around limply, to face a couple of teens around our age, giving venomous grins that sickened me. "Aye there, gorgeous. Where you off to so late?" one asked with a laugh, the other fist bumping him with a chuckle. "None... None of ya beeswax, duhude." I laughed drunkenly, Aaron quickly pulling me closer to him to show we were together. " Drunk?" he said in a questioning tone, trying hard not smirk.
  10. Aaron gave them a sharp glare as the taller of the two began to walk over to us with a confident swag to him, making feel a bit scared, but somehow attracting me at the same time. "If I am, what does it matteh to yous?" I grumbled drowsily, giving Aaron a quick peck on the cheek to show my loyalty to him. "Princess, I'm just try to make polite conversation. You know, it's not safe to walk around here so late at night." he laughed, grabbing a hold of my wrist tightly. "Yeah. You never know what kinda creeps are lurking around. It'd be a shame for such a cutie to get hurt." the other agreed. " Get the firetruck off my girlfriend, mannn." Aaron growled with a chuckle, still very drunk, but not drunk enough to not put up a fight, unlike me. "Yeah, get off his friggin girlll, duhude" I giggled, going a small tug as I tried to get away from him.
  11. " Oh come on. You know you want to have a little fun. You, me, my pal here... Won't that be fun?" the guy laughed, pulling me into his embrace, my face burning as he forced me to nod. " But I don't wanna. I just wanna gooooo home and take a friggin napp." I whined, a vile smirk running up his face. "Oh, we can take a nap. " he winked, Aaron growling as the guy pulled me into his arms. Too drunk to care, I just gave a small giggle as he leaned down and kissed my nose. "You got two seconds to get cha paws off my babe or I'll knock the Chili Sauce out of ya." Aaron hissed.
  12. " Whatcha gonna do, dude? You can barely even stay standing, how are you gonna beat me up if I decided to do something like this?" the guy laughed, turning me around to face him. He roughly lifted my chin up, his warm breath tickling my upper lip as he leaned in, our lips crashing together. He gave a satisfied sigh, wrapping his arms around my waist, his hands placed on my lower back. " Gimme a turn!" the other guy whined, pulling me into his arms and giving me a wolfish grin. " Aaron, baybeh. You're free to knock da Chili sauce outta them." I laughed, the guys lips touching my forehead, the kisses trailing down to my neck, where he rested his head excitedly. "With pleasure." he growled, stumbling over to the first guy, who socked Aaron upside the head with a smirk. While they were fighting, the other guy had managed to get me to lay down on the grass, where he began to passionately kiss me. " You're a great kisser." he whispered into my ear with a laugh. " So is Elmo." I giggled, pushing him away with a frown.
  13. " Elmo has nothing on you, cutie." he laughed, allowing me to stand up. " Yus he does. Red fur, plastic little eyes, an adorable laugh... Dammit, he's the real deal." I giggled, stumbling over Aaron who was practically clawing the other guy to shreds. " What's going on!?" a voice bellowed, scaring the Chili Sauce out of me. " Valerie, are you okay?" somebody asked, spinning me around to see my face. " Ethan! Thank the good pancake Lord, you are here." I giggled, holding onto his arms for support. "What's going on?" he asked worriedly, looking over at Aaron who crash tackled the other guy. " Hehe. Long *giggle* story short, them duhudes over there are getting the Chili Sauce knocked outta them." I laughed drunkenly, resting my head on his shoulder as another guy approached us. Lance.
  14. " Valerie, did you go get drunk?" Ethan asked, giving a grimace as he sniffed my breath. " Aaron let me." I argued, waving at Aaron who smiled proudly before lunging on one of the guys. " Valerie. You two need to go to your houses. You're both drunker than skunks." he sighed, him and Lance pulling Aaron away from the guys. " I don't got nowhere to go." I mumbled, having a tired shrug as I leaned against Lance. " Why not?" Ethan asked. " Her momma died last night. Leukemia." Aaron explained, putting his head onto Ethan's shoulder, Ethan's face full of shock as he quickly shrugged him away. " Valerie! Why didn't you tell me? I could have helped you find somewhere to stay." he huffed, pushing Aaron away as he tried to rest his head on him. " Aaron. Stop it, man. You'll get me smelling like that junk and my grandma will flip her wig." Ethan huffed, pushing him over to Lance with a frown. "Duhude. Why does he gotta be on me? I got this pretty lady to care for." Lance argued, drunker than both me and Aaron put together. " Lance, leave her alone, dude. She's drunk, your drunk, Aaron's drunk. Dang. I'm the only level headed person here. You all just follow me," he sighed.
  15. *** Ethan's POV*** I carefully dragged Valerie and the guys behind me, there stumbling motions causing them to look like a hoard of zombies. I bet Valerie would make a hot zombie. " Aaron, dang you! Ya freakin Pancake!" she whined, obviously pretty drunk, yet she somehow managed to look just as hot as she usually did. Man, I got a bad mind, I thought to myself, giving a subtle laugh as I led them to my grandma's house.I pulled Valerie beside me, insisting she try her best to act natural. I pounded on the door, my granny opening it with wide eyes. " Ethan! What took you so long? And who are your friends?" she asked, eyeing Valerie with a warm smile." Sorry, grandma. I was on my way back, but... My friend, Valerie, was having a bit of trouble with some thugs on the street." I explained, watching her eyes grow wider.
  16. ***still Ethan's POV *** " What!? You poor thing! Come on in, come on in." granny insisted, leading Valerie in with a smile. " Thank you, Ma'am." she giggled, trying her best to seem normal. Compared to the others, she did pretty good, but Granny knew something wasn't right. "Ethan. May I speak to you for a moment. Outside?" Granny asked, dragging me outside by the ear. "Ouch" I groaned, the door swinging shut behind us as she gave me a frown. " Ethan. She's drunk. Don't tell me you did something to her, or I swear." she huffed, making me laugh a little. " Oh man, granny. No. I didn't do anything to her. She has a boyfriend. She must have got drunk when they were hanging out with Lance." I shrugged, her face flushing in embarrassment. "Oh, okay. I'm that case, you poor thing. She's very pretty. You two would look so cute together." she gushed, a blush creeping up my cheeks as I shook my head. " Granny! Her boyfriend is the other guy that I brought here. Besides, we're just friends." I insisted.
  17. " Yeah, yeah. Just saying, you're way better looking than that boy." she insisted, giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek before walking back inside. She's right. I am better looking than him. So why'd she choose him? Eh, it doesn't matter. I sighed, walking back inside to see Valerie asleep on Lance's shoulder, her face buried deeply into his chest. Knowing Aaron would flip out later, I carefully pulled her off of him, scooping her up into my arms and carrying her to the guest room. I carefully slipped off her shoes, pulling a black blanket over her as I laid her down on the mattress. " Night Valerie." I whispered. "Ethan?" she murmured, sitting up with a cute smile. " Hey, you're awake." I said, taking a seat beside her. " * giggle* yap." she giggled, pulling herself up into a sitting position and crawling closer to me with a smirk. "You should get some rest, silly. It's late." I whispered, knowing she was still pretty drunk. Without a warning, she smashed her lips against mine, giving me a passionate kiss.
  18. Surprised by her actions, I just sat there like an idiot while she continued to kiss me, oblivious to the fact I wasn't kissing back. Her hands suddenly looped around my neck and she gently shoved me backwards, leaning over me with a hot smile. "Valerie. We shouldn't be doing this. Your drunk, not to mention you have a boyfriend." I said, trying to push past her, but she continued to try to get closer. "He's no fun. Too uptight." she whined, her lips pressed against mine, and this time... This time I kissed her back.
  19. Our lips tightly locked, her hands buried in my hair as she raked her fingers through it. I gently pulled her into my embrace, my hands resting around her waist. " Val. I can't do this. I promised to keep my hands to myself, to only be your friend." I whispered, pulling away from her, her face full of shock as she, too, pulled away. " Yeah. *giggle* just know you're more fun than Aaron." she laughed, playfully shoving me away and falling asleep.
  20. *** Valerie's POV:***The next morning, I groggily woke up, Aaron laying beside me. I turned a bright red remembering my kiss with Ethan last night, not to mention the fact I had a hangover worse than any I'd ever had before. " Aaron." I whispered, gently shaking his shoulders, a loud groan escaping his throat. " Val?" he yawned, holding his head as he turned over to face me. " Dude, next time we go to that bar, don't get drunk." I pled, putting a hand on his face. " You don't gotta tell me that. Trust me, I'll never do that again." he sighed, leaning over to barf. " Very attractive." I teased, before doing the same.
  21. ***Twenty minutes later*** I stumbled into what looked like a restroom, running my hand through my wild blonde hair, which was matted from last night. " Hey, Valerie." Ethan greeted me awkwardly once I went into the living room, his face reddening a bit. "Hey, Ethan." I said, taking a seat by Aaron on the couch. "Val, babe. Ethan told me what happened last night." Aaron said, giving a sad frown as I went red in the face. " Aaron, baby. I barely even remember what happened last night. I was just really drunk." I assured him, giving his cheek a kiss. "I know. I get that. I trust you, Val." he sighed, pulling me into a soft kiss. Once we pulled away, we'd realized Lance had been staring in shock.
  22. "Um." he muttered, raking a hand through his hair, which was stylishly tossled, making him look extremely cute. " Erm." I mumbled, turning a bright red as he studied my face carefully. "Hey, Val. We should get going. My mom and Alec have probably had panic attacks already." Aaron insisted, tugging me off the couch with a deep frown. "Okay. Bye Ethan." I called out, adjusting the bottom of my tank top as Aaron dragged me to the door. "Hold on you two!" Ethan's grandma called out, running into the room with a smile. " Grandma." Ethan groaned, embarrassed as she ran her hand through my hair, trying to smooth down the wild strands. ," You guys should stay for breakfast. And Valerie, you can go upstairs and shower. I'll just go to the mall and pick you up some suitable clothes." she said.
  23. "Yes ma'am." I sighed, following after her as she led me upstairs. "Once you get out, if I'm not back by then, just slip on one of Ethan's shirts. He won't mind." she suggested, giving a small smile before leaving me alone. I quickly scampered off into the shower, the steam soothing my tired body as the water slid down my back. Just as I was about to get out, a knock on the other side of the door startled me. I quickly wrapped a towel around me, sticking my head out into the hall.
  24. "Here you go, sweetie. " his grandma grinned, handing me an oversized bag of clothing with a smile. " Thanks, ma'am." I laughed, about to shut the door. "Call me Gloria." she insisted, before walking back downstairs. I gave a small shrug, shutting the door and digging through the bag. "Lord of pancakes!" I gasped, pulling out a couple of small dresses and a few pairs of shoes that matched perfectly. I quickly slipped on:
  25. With a tight smile, I studied myself in the mirror and laughed. I look great. Tossing my thin blonde hair over my shoulder, I strutted downstairs, blushing as the guys stared at me in awe. "Val, babe. You look beautiful." Aaron gasped, gently taking a hold of my wrist with a smile. " Only beautiful? Not amazingly hot? Not sexy? Just beautiful?" I teased, giving his arm a playful punch as he went red in the face. " Conceited much?" Ethan laughed, leading us all into the kitchen. " Oh, you know I'm hot. I'm fire, babyyyyy." I laughed, giving them a quick wink before taking a seat between Aaron and Lance. " Yeah, yeah, val. You know we look better than you." Aaron teased, blushing as I gave him a noogie.
  26. "Yeah." Lance and Ethan agreed, giving cute smirks that made me giggle. "Yeah, cuz three boys with bed head can really outdo a sexy creature such as myself." I stated bluntly, their faces freezing. I gave a laugh, as we all burst out laughing. "Okay, babe. You're hot, we get it. No need to rub it in." Aaron chuckled, musing my hair with a grin. ," Aaron!" I whined, slapping him upside the head, Ethan and Lance trying hard not to laugh.
  27. "Valerie! You look stunning! Doesn't she look stunning, Ethan?" Gloria asked him with a smile, as she slid four plates of sausage, biscuits and gravy onto the counter. "Um.... Uh. S... Sure?" he muttered, turning a deep red as he tried not to embarrass me. Lance quickly covered for him by choking on a piece of sausage, causing Gloria to turn to him. " Hey, sorry about her. She overheard me talking to Aaron this morning and hasn't stayed quiet since." Ethan apologized. "It's fine, dude. I should be the one apologizing. If I hadn't gotten so drunk, we wouldn't be in this situation." I sighed, taking a bite of my food.
  28. ***CLIFFHANGER*** Sorry! I'm super late on making this, and I'm planning on trying to come up with a new series.
  29. Bye bye,!* hums Elmo's world and prances off into a small enchanted forest, surrounded by adoring fans begging for autographs*^xD

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