i wonder if your a FREAK

are you a freak try to disprove this with this are you a freak quiz i cant think of anthing else to say so bare with okay thanks and mabe you might not be a freak but mabe you will but you will go to bed know ing the answer

have someone called you a freak disprove them and when you do you will laugh i say laugh tell you get tired of laughing then you will stop ok but what if you newtral then what who knows but at least you tryied

Created by: jonathan
  1. your a fan of the show Naruto
  2. your a disney channel fan
  3. you listen to radio disney
  4. you watch a show that you know little kids watch to like Naruto
  5. your myspace,blog,email contains stuff you were to suppose to outgrow like kid cartoons or something
  6. you been called a freak befor
  7. you still draw pictures
  8. you take quizes like this just prove to your self you not a freak
  9. you still play video games
  10. you know a freak

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Quiz topic: I wonder if my a FREAK