What kind of freak are you?

There are many kind of freaks, not necessarily a bad thing,though. But what kind of freak are YOU?We all have our small obsessions. Lets find out yours!!!

Are you gissipy, Do you like to party?Do you spend your day n front of a screen? Do yo love kids? Do you enjoy a trip to the woods?Find out Your inner freak!!!

Created by: Gaby
  1. You come home after a stressful day of school, and the phone rings:it's dylan wondering if you're coming to the major party she's throwing at The House.What do you say?
  2. You come home and dad is all:" Let's go on a road trip and camp in the woods!!!" You're all...
  3. In the cafeteria, ashley starts b----ing to sarah for kissing her boyfriend while drunk... Whaddaya do???
  4. what kind of tv do you watch?
  5. You're grounded. What do you do?
  6. What is your dream job?
  7. It's your grandmother's B-day. What do you do to help with the big surprise party?
  8. people describe you as...
  9. You recieve a call from your neighbor..." Oh, it's just awful...he died yesterday!" She's talking about her husband.
  10. Pick one! quick!
  11. what is your fave colour?
  12. What will be the theme of your party?
  13. What would you rather?

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Quiz topic: What kind of freak am I?