I will predict your future! What life will you have?

Have you ever wondered about your future? Like...Will you get married, will you graduate from college, will you have kids, where will you live, etc. And don't worry, most people do wonder!

Well, my quiz will tell you that! Find out if you will live a life as a partier, and average person, or maybe you'll be rich. Take my quiz and find out your future! (Sorry if this isn't accurate, I did the best I could).

Created by: Sara Wilkins
  1. This quiz will predict your future! First of all, which sounds the most appealing to you?
  2. Do you want to get married?
  3. Do you want to have children?
  4. Do you want to be rich?
  5. Do you like beer?
  6. What religion are you?
  7. Which life sounds the most appealing?
  8. I need to calculate your results...So just take a few deep breaths and imagine what you would do with a million dollars. What are you imagining?
  9. Hmmmmmmmmm okay pick a number below:
  10. Choose the symbols that seem luckiest for you!
  11. Do you play any lotteries?
  12. What does your name start with?
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: I will predict my future! What life will I have?