What Will You Be If You Grow Up?

Are you wondering what you would be if you grew up? Here's where to find out. The quiz of your life. What will you be? Does it necessarily matter to you? Control the urge to shout.

This is extremely important to most people. You'll spend 50 or so years working, so here's a window into where you may wind up. It may be shocking, or you may predict the outcome before it's over.

Created by: Steve
  1. Do you or did you really like school, looking forward gleefully to getting out into the world and having a great career?
  2. In your ideal job, would you rather be in a position of high power, or of high salary?
  3. What matters most to you?
  4. Which of these closely matches your feelings about college?
  5. Would/have you join/ed the armed forces?
  6. True of False: a career is a job you've had too long.
  7. Do you look down on certain people?
  8. True or False: good grades are important to me.
  9. High school is/was:
  10. Do you want to grow up?

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Quiz topic: What will I Be If You Grow Up?