Are you still a teenage boy?

This is too prove you still have some teenage charm left . Maybe you do maybe you don’t ? But if your still the cool guy you think you are then every kid likes to hang at your house with your kids.

Your a safe haven your buds from college and high school y’all still call each other and get together regularly you laugh at silly crap talk about the best things in life beer, hot babes and best parties ever. The phrase you all can remember is , “Remember when we...”

Created by: Harlan
  1. When you laugh with your friends or family do you refer to them as dude or bro?
  2. You see a nice car at a light and you’re in the family car what do u do ?(mini-van)
  3. A friend from college calls says he’s got an extra ticket to see a band live? But you have a prior commitment with your spouse to go to dinner now what ?
  4. There’s a loud party at the neighbors house and it’s 10:00 pm what do you do ?
  5. You and your wife are watching a movie in the theater and it’s getting pretty raunchy what do u do
  6. Your son misses his curfew and smells of beer and weed when he gets home , what do u do ?
  7. Your spouse wants you to discipline your son because of the curfew incident ?
  8. Your listening to music in your wife’s car , when you pull into garage do you turn off music ?
  9. You are with friends at a bar and your drunk do u drive home ? Trick question
  10. Your beautiful teen daughter wants to go out with the senior to prom , she’s only 15 , What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I still a teenage boy?