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  • Ok, here's what I think. He may like you, he may not, we still won't know for sure. He may of became depressed all of the sudden because there may be some stuff goin on at home or with his friends or school. We all get stressed out, that's probably what's wrong. I don't think he's upset with you. Maybe he's even confused, in fact, he's most likely just as confused as you are. Love is a very complicated thing for everyone. I think you should just talk to him. Privately. Don't bring your friends, they'll just start to joke around and make it worse. Don't straight out ask him if he likes you, drop hints. Also, ask how he's been, guys like a girl who's concerned (but not TOO concerned, don't go crazy) Tell him you miss talking to him and laughing and having a good time, he most likely misses it too. If it ends up that he doesn't like you, don't make a big deal out of it, because it isn't a big deal. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and if he doesn't like you back, then maybe someone better is out there for you. Just remember to relax when you decide to talk to him, cuz when we are freaking out inside, that's when we make a fool out of ourselves. All the luck in the world to you, hope I helped, let us know how it went. :)

  • This guy likes you. I advice my friends on these issues. He probably must have heard your friends talking about you and the other guy who likes you. It doesn't seem goood.... the guy is tensed on the relationship turning into a love triangle. So, just tell him the truth . You don't like anyone except him. That boy who likes you is just not understanding. Let your guy explain to him that you have moved forward in life. Find for him another girlie and i amsure he will soon forget about you, so you can happily enjoy your life without any troubles.

    Yours truely,

  • From what you've said I can most certainly say this guy likes you! He adores you and seems to find you the height of interest.

    He's probably gone quiet because of family problems or something happening away from school. Someone could have died, attempted suicide, or parents could be wondering about splitting.

    Go and talk to him. Be sure to be kind and gentle :) I'm sure you're lovely and he'd love if you went out of your way to support him or just listen to him.

    Good luck! :)

  • Ok, so this guy likes you. I think after that day when your friends were joking and he got upset he decided to keep a distance from you just to see how you will respond. OR (this is a big OR) there could be issues with his family or group of guy friends he hang out with. This is actually the perfect opportunity for you to be there for him and become his best friend! But try not to get stuck in the friend zone. Try to hang out with him one on one and then you can make a major move by telling him your feelings.

    Tell us how it goes ;)

    Oh PS: DO NOT TELL YOUR FRIENDS YOUR TRUE FEELINGS ABOUT THIS GUY. They will mess up everything and try to embarrass you making it awkward for you and him. Unless you have one best friend that can keep a secret then you can vent out your feelings without holding all of this in. Good luck!

    Sources: I've had plenty of experience from this kind of thing. I'm a college student ;)

  • I think that he likes you! He probably has issues at home or with friends. I think that you should go and talk to him about it. He will probably deny any help at first, but if what I think is true, he will really need a friend right now. I have a guy friend that I think likes me (which is weird because we used to enemy's) and just yesterday his house burnt to the ground. He really needed someone to talk to and I am glade I was there for him.

  • He seems he likes you!

    The best thing to do is not tell you're feelings otherwise they will mock you, or mess everything up...

    Here is some advice!

    Never give up. Even if he doesn't feel like talking, chat to him about something that will get his mind off things- make something up if you have to! Try to make him smile or laugh :)

  • Sorry, but I don't think he likes you. He just sat by you because his table was full and you two are friends. After hanging out with you and probably some other things, he was probably getting teased, and went into a tiny shut-down-tantrum-m ode.


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