I'm So Sorry {Calypso1315}

I'm so sorry I have to do this, but it's something I need to do. What with Nat leaving, HL taking a break, and everything just not being.....right here, I need to do this.

I'm so sorry, and I don't blame you if you hate me. I'll love and miss you guys forever. And I'm just so...so sorry. But this needs to be done. Again, I'm so sorry.

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Hey there everyone....it's not a good day for Gotoquiz, is it? 
  2. As some or most of you may know, Nat's quizzes were stolen by a girl on Quotev who used the name HerBrightSkiesLover. Now, though she have given Nat credit for the first two she stole, she stopped after that and has been receiving comment on how great a writer she is. I'm disgusted that someone would do such a thing. When Nat contacted this girl, she deleted her account on Quotev. Can you say, 'guilty conscience'? Nat now wants her GTQ account deleted so no one else can steal her work and is permanently moving to Wattpad.com. 
  3. Also, a very good, groovy, amazing friend of mine is takin a 'hiatus' from her work here on GTQ. I'm speaking of HogwartsLove. She is taking a break from working on her Hogwarts Love series to take a little time to see what she wants to do, and what GTQ will let her do. I'm deeply depressed with her decision to stop writing, but honestly there's little I can do to change her mind. I know many others besides myself with miss HogwartsLove while she takes her break, and I certainly don't want her to stop for good. 
  4. Which brings me to the final thing I have to say today. After thinking about this, I will be taking a break as well. Not from writing, but I don't think I could keep living if that was taken from me, but from GTQ. I will be transferring my story 'Percy Jackson Love Story' to Wattpad.com as of now. I will start from the beginning, do some editing, and just continue on from there. If you want to keep up with the story of Violet Wilde, you can find me on Wattpad under the name xBeautifulMistake. 
  5. I'm so sorry to do this guys, but I doubt I can take anymore of this. I am going to miss every single one of you who decides not to come to Wattpad to read my story, and even Nat's story. I will be back to read some of YOUR quizzes, though. I just won't be making any of my own, for a while. Again, I'm so sorry, but I can't stay here with two of my best, original friends from when I first joined up in march gone. Nat and HL were the first two people I really ever talked to...and now that they're gone, I can't stay any longer. I'm so sorry.
  6. I love you all, so so sosososo much. I can barely type cuz I'm crying now. But thank you all for supporting me in my time here. Thank you for one of the best experiences ever, while it lasted. Fly you all high. Love, Cal xx     

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