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Through the past couple of days, I've seen ruder and ruder actions flourish through here, and I must say that it's getting quite hurtful and neglectful. This behavior should not be accepted. While I realized this, I started to ponder on if I should leave the site or no. This place used to feel like home, the place where I could go if I was feeling sad. But now I realize that my home has been filled with traitors and evil people.

Can you solve the riddle? The image besides these paragraphs that says moonceon? If you want to know the answer, look at the paragraph that appears under what you get for your result!

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  1. So as you read in the title, I'm leaving.
  2. This site used to be a place where I could express myself and be open about me, because life was hard.
  3. I even showed my cousin this site, and she made an account as well.
  4. Once I came out as pans on this site, I got even more disgraceful comments.
  5. There was even a dude who tried to have cybers e x with me.
  6. I may come back, I may not. But I'll come back in 8th grade if I do.
  7. I don't know if I'll make a different account on here or what when I come back.
  8. I'm just tired of all these rude comments, and I hope that by the time I come back, it'll be better.
  9. I hope you understand.
  10. Please comment your opinion.

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