how lebanese are you?

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bonjour, mar7aba, hello, idk what you wanna call it but take this quiz to reveal how lebanese you truly are! don't worry if you're not, because you may express some "lebanese traits". i made this quiz because i was looking to take one and realized lebanese quizzes don't really exist on this site so i made my own! this quiz is just for fun plz don't take it seriously :)

be ready to express you're knowledge on lebanese stuff ranging from food to geography to celebrities! if you're not educated on these things i suggest reviewing before taking the quiz. have fun!

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  1. what does kibbeh mean to you?
  2. what is al-jumhuriyah al-lubnaniyah?
  3. someone buys you a gold bracelet with diamonds in it for your birthday, how do you react?
  4. a relative offers you tea and namoura, what do you do?
  5. can you drive?
  6. how many people can your car hold?
  7. what do you do on the weekends?
  8. you tell someone you're lebanese and they respond with "i didn't know you're lesbian?" how do you react?
  9. what do you do on christmas?
  10. what are you having for breakfast?
  11. pick the Lebanese town/city.
  12. is lebanon mostly desert?
  13. pick the lebanese celebrity.
  14. "hum-miss" or "hom-mos"
  15. you accidentally broke your parents' koussa maker, what comes next?
  16. where is lebanon located?
  17. lastly: have you ever heard a sentence with 3 languages in it? (for ex: "keefik today ├ža va?")

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Quiz topic: How lebanese am I?