How well do you know Garfield?

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Welcome to my Garfield quiz! Think you know all there is to Garfield. Or just wanna see how you do? Well my friend, this here is the quiz just for you!

Most of this quiz is based of my knowledge of Garfield so for a true fan it should not be too hard. And dont worry, I made sure all of my questions were correct. Have fun!

Created by: Bruh man 26

  1. Who Is the creator of the Garfield Comics?
  2. What is the name of the grey cat Garfield hates?
  3. What was Jon´s original profession?
  4. How is Doc Boy related to Jon?
  5. Where was Jon´s pipe in the classic comic strip?
  6. What is Liz´s profession?
  7. What is the company that owns Garfield?
  8. What has happened to Garfield´s appearance over time?
  9. How would Garfield describe lasagna?
  10. What is the channel that started the infamous ¨Garfiele¨ joke?
  11. how many Garfield movies are there?
  12. What is probably the most famous Garfield movie?
  13. What gender is Nermal?
  14. Has Garfield been around for more than sixty years?
  15. Has Garfield talked since the beginning?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Garfield?