I'm gonna guess your underwear color!

I made this quiz to tell you what your underwear color is. It's weird but fun, well okay hope I guess right and I'm Justin Bieber's #1 fan and socks is a short way to say pleasure.

What color are you wearing? DON'T CHECK! Check at the end at the result page and then comment if I was right, say what color your was right and what I thought you were wearing. See you at the result page! :)

Created by: justinbieber#1fan

  1. do your socks and underwear match?
  2. if you answered yes to question 1, then what color is your socks? if not any then what is it close too?
  3. What's your fave color? (Out of these)!
  4. Are your socks vivid?
  5. Do you like vivid colors?
  6. How many socks in your sock drawer are either yellow pink green red black or blue?
  7. When it comes to sock and underwear shopping, what colors does your mom pick out?
  8. Are all your socks and underwear solids? p.s. solid means just color no patterns and writing etc.
  9. Are your shoes on?
  10. Did you look at your underwear color before the results? (BE TRUTHFUL!)
  11. Do you like not vivid colors?
  12. Do you already know your underwear color?
  13. If you said yes to question 14, then why are you taking this quiz?
  14. Did you like this quiz?
  15. Will you go to my other quiz's next called, A re you a dumb blond? and Are you obsessed with Justin Bieber? It's the second one down not the first
  16. What color do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: I'm gonna guess my underwear color!