What Color Are You?

Red, orange, yellow , green, purple, and blue! Which of those colors is most like you?

Take this quiz to discover what color you are! Are you serious or fun? Daring or artsy? You can also find out what your color says about you! All it takes to start your search is the click of a button!

Created by: Yana Uzelac

  1. You are in a club. You obviously wanna be:
  2. You are invited to a party. You:
  3. You have to make a decision. How to do your hair for school? (Guys, pick random!)
  4. Do you use a desk for homework?
  5. Which looks most like your keychain?
  6. Which looks most like your keychain?
  7. What is your fave spot?
  8. What is your favorite subject?
  9. What do you most like?
  10. What food do you like most?

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Quiz topic: What Color am I?