What color backpack should you have?

The start of school is right around the corner, you know what that means... back-to-school shopping! Just one question... what color is your new backpack going to be?

This quiz will help you figure out what color backpack you should get. The backpack color that I will give you will match your personality. Are you going to get orange? Pink? Blue? Green? Purple? hmm...

Created by: bfaithr
  1. On this quiz, I will name some things that you might take on a trip, answer "yes" if you would take it and answer "no" if you wouldn't (FYI, this quiz is not as accurate for boys)
  2. a camera
  3. funny sunglasses with palm trees on them
  4. some chocolate sandwich cookies
  5. a puzzle/activity book
  6. a mix of pop and rock tunes
  7. a colorful scrunchie
  8. yarn balls--to learn how to juggle
  9. hiking boots
  10. seashells and driftwood
  11. oatmeal raisin cookies
  12. a nature guide
  13. country classics
  14. ponytail elastics
  15. hiking guide
  16. a journal
  17. a necklace made of shells and silk cord
  18. a giant frosted sugar cookie
  19. a sketch pad and colored pencils
  20. songs by an up-and-coming singer
  21. a headband that you decorated yourself
  22. postcards
  23. a stuffed animal
  24. matching tie-dyed T-shirts for you and your mom
  25. homemade chocolate chip cookies
  26. a novel about friendship
  27. Broadway show tunes
  28. butterfly barrettes
  29. backseat/airplanes games for the whole family
  30. MP-3 player
  31. crazy board shorts
  32. gingersnaps
  33. a fantasy adventure novel
  34. music that you've never heard before
  35. ribbons and beads
  36. a movie to watch on your mom's laptop

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Quiz topic: What color backpack should I have?