I'm going to try and guess what grades you get in school.

this quiz is entirely for fun... and I hope you enjoy taking the quiz.. if you don't.. alright.but anyways.. this quiz just trys to guess what grade you get in school...

its quite simple actually.you click a few buttons that match your description best and then move on!of course, it is just for fun, so the results might not be accurate... or they might be.. anyways, have fun!

Created by: Mili
  1. do you talk constantly during class?
  2. do you do well on tests?
  3. when you are at home... are you always on an electronic... or do you have a hobby that you practice..?
  4. when you're on social media... whenever you come across something educational, do you watch it.. or do you skip through it?
  5. do you read?
  6. do you draw?
  7. do you write?
  8. IF you have a crush at school... do you pay more attension to them? or to the lesson being taught?
  9. what are you really 'known' as, in your class...?
  10. do your teachers like having you as their student?

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