i luv jayfeather~

owk so i love jay dayts y i created dis quiz <33333 and now i have to filll this paragraphs :<< hate u gtq guy u make me do so much work but whatever t

do u luve jay like i luv her? is ok everyone luvs jay she needs to sleep cuz she is a kid :>>>>>> man this 150 wirds suck :<<<<< it is almost finished

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. do u love jay too?
  2. ok i luv jay too
  3. do u think jay is cute
  4. do u think jay is a kid
  5. owk i love jay
  6. r u gay
  7. gayfeather
  8. hmm so i love jay
  9. did u like jay
  10. ok bye~ keep luving jay

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