I'll Tell You Your Fortune

The future is something that scares some people, fascinates some, & excites some others. It is something we try to secure, but we aren't always successful. No one's entire future can be read... until now.

When & how will I die? how many children will I have? What will I be when I grow up? What will my life be like? Will I live a long, healthy life? Or a short, miserable one? All those questions are answered here. In this 25-question quiz, you will find out in a matter of minutes.

Created by: mari
  1. Pick one.
  2. Last emotion you felt?
  3. Eye color?
  4. Which disorder would you say you have out of the six?
  5. Pick one.
  6. What is closest to you right now?
  7. Which do you fear the most?
  8. Pick one.
  9. Which seems most appealing to you?
  10. Which positive adjective describes you best?
  11. Which negative adjective describles you best?
  12. Are you supertitious?
  13. Pick one.
  14. Colors?
  15. Greatest level of good? [Other than God, if you believe in him]
  16. Pick one.
  17. Worst crime? [Just in general]
  18. Pick one.
  19. Which issue would you make better?
  20. Pick one.
  21. The most bizarre concept?
  22. Who seems to have had the most interesting life? [Interesting in a good or bad way?]
  23. Pick one.

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