I know what type of guys you like!

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I did this quiz because many guys are dogs! HaHa Jk. But many females want a second opinion about the guy they are dating! Hopefully this quiz will be helpful to many who take it! loove

Hello! Areyou self concious about what your man is doing? well take this quiz and find out if he is the right guy. Is he the one for you? or are you just holding on?

Created by: MAIMIGIRL2003

  1. How old are you?
  2. what is your boyfriends name?
  3. Where does he take you on your first date?
  4. You wear you favorite outfit on the date. What does he say?
  5. Your bf invites his best friend over for dinner. You find out it is a girl.What do you do?
  6. Where did you meet your boyfriend?
  7. You're about to go on a date with your guy. You tell him you need a while to get ready because you want to look perfect for him. What does he say?
  8. What does your bf buy you as a gift?
  9. What do you and your guy do for fun?
  10. What does your bf tell you everday?

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