I Just Need You Here episode 9

This is a continuation of my quiz series for girls only. Hardships for you and your beloved are about to begin, for whoever your beloved in this story may be.

Will you survive alone? Will you and Nate be able to make it on your own for long? What will be the turn of events? I hope this quiz is to your satisfaction!

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. The knife shattered through the window, barely missing your leg. You scream as flying glass cuts your skin. Matt and Nate jerk up and rush over to your aid.
  2. "Are you all right?" Nathan asks right away and pulls you away from the window. You stumble backward, and fall into the arms of Nathan as Matthew steadies your arm. "I'm fine..." you mumble uneasily. Matt kneels down next to your leg. "No you're not. You've got glass all through your legs." Suddenly, Nathan jumps up and dashes over to the window, making sure not to step on any glass.
  3. Nate peered out of the window (which is not so much a window anymore, but a pane that was brutally killed). He grunts and walks back over to you and Matt. "What is it?" you ask. "It was those officials. What do they want from us?" Nate said. "We aren't safe here anymore," you quiver, still sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out. "You have to get healed. I'll take you downstairs." Matt says. "Just let me call the office," Nate says, and picks up the phone.
  4. Nathan dials the office number and informs them that you need medical attention. In less than a minute, you are in a hospital room. You stay there until you heal, which takes about three days. Finally, you are allowed to move back into your room. Since the window was broken, Nate and Matt were moved to different rooms and you move there with them with your things.
  5. After one day back with Nate and Matt, you all decide the best thing is to leave that night. So you pack up, and wait until midnight to escape. So soon you find yourself senaking down flights of stairs, emerging into the cold night air, and silently creeping down damp and eerie alleys.
  6. You turn around to ask Matt a question. But you don't see him. You twirl around, but he isn't there! "Nate!" you whisper. "Ya?" he replies. "Where'd Matt go?" you ask. "What do you mean where is Matt? He was just-" Nathan looks around. Matt is nowhere to be seen. "Where'd he go?!" Nate began to panic. You and he search the dark alleys, dimly lit by a streetlight here and there, from which would eminate a yellow, hollow glow.
  7. Several times, you and Nate would call out his name, but tried not to be too loud to attract any attention. After twenty minutes, you both gave up. "I don't like this," Nate said. "Soon I'll look behind myself and you won't be there either." You shiver as he says that. "Or vice versa," you say. "What on earth could've happened to him?" you exclaim. "I don't know, but we have to get going so it doesn't get us as well," he says. "Hold my hand," you tell Nate. "That way I won't be scared of losing you," Nathan quickly slips his hand into yours, and you squeeze it. With that, you two keep walking down the streets.
  8. You keep walking, hoping to find a place where you can camp out for a while. More cars are beginning to fill the road, as a red fire is starting to ascend over the horizon. As you and Nathan pass a small cafe, someone abruptly comes up from behind you and grabs your shoulder. "Aah!" you yell, and turn around with Nathan. Standing there is a police officer. "Let go!" you say. "Shh," Nate quiets you. You sigh. "I believe you have ran away from the hospital last night that kindly offered you free board?" The police towered over you with his steady hand on your shoulder still. "Well, not exactly ran away. We weren't imprisoned there, we left out of our own free will," you respond uneasily. "You never signed out. You left in the middle of the night, which proves you were running away." The policeman fires back. "We were frightened to stay there," Nate tells him. "We didn't want the whole world to know we had left. Then the crooks would've too." The police officer gives him a glare.
  9. "Come here. I am going to take you with me." reluctantly, you follow the police. He leads you and Nate to his police car. The officer opens up the door and motions for you to get in the backseat. "Get in," he says. "Where are you taking us?" Nathan asks. "Just get in!" The police demands sternly. Reluctantly, you slide in, and Nate follows. Soon you are driving down a highway. "Will you please be polite enough to tell us where we are going?" you push. Grunting, the police replies. "We are going to find a foster home for you two." he says. You and Nate shoot eachother worried glances.
  10. You and Nate sit in the police office. The staff are trying to find you guys a home. You both are sad, nervous, scared, and downcast. Then, one staff looks up at you. "I have found you two some homes." You start to cry. The next day, the people arrive. They decide to....
  11. So, if you are excited to know what happens, stay tuned for EPISODE 8!!!!!
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