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There are many smart people,but very,very few geniuses.Genius is,afterall,quite and very exceptional.What could be a genius? A genius is a person, who has an open mind on something,able to answer questions in a snap, and see the world in a positive perspective.

Are you a genius?Do you seriously have the power to qualify for that prestigious title?Until now you can only wonder.But Thanks to this quiz in a bit you will find out!

Created by: LinaHeart
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  1. Selena Trompit walks beside you on the way to your locker. You punch in the code."L.A makes me sick," she says holding her neck and rolling it. You smile and say:
  2. Do you think that Selena would be trouble to you?
  3. You and Selena still have time before L.A. She ask you to go to the mall but you say you ave no money. But you do, you just didn't want to ditch because you're new and you can't have bad grades. Selena ask if your okay, do you want tou take a walk, you say no,then walk away, She runs to Catch up with you. Your thinking:
  4. Do you like Selena?
  5. If you tell Selena to go away, are you a bad Friend?
  6. What would your name be?
  7. Do you like this quiz
  8. Selena sits on the other side of the room. She stares at you whole Class of L.A. After scool you:
  9. Are you Selena's friend?
  10. Whats your fav color?

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