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  • I just made this quiz: CAUTION
    [published: Mar 30, 2014]

    There are many smart people,but very,very few geniuses.Genius is,afterall,quite and very……

  • Do you know me?
    [published: Mar 28, 2014]

    So many people in the world are smart. Genius's are people who focus, who keep their eye on the ball and knock……

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  • Look
    "Inso messed up"
  • Look
  • Look
  • i have a question...
    "I don't get it."
  • i have a question...
    "Lina. People hate me from a joke I played a while back. Its just thet question I need the answer to."
  • i have a question...
    "How do you post big pictures? Please answer. I know you all mad at me. Just answer This please."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Whoa. I don't know why I said man to you. Why am I even on."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Yay. Sorry man, I left to do some homework."
  • my OFFICIAL thread
    "Hi alex."
  • Hey everyone
    "You don't need to. Its not for people who weren't there. Sorry, If you weren't there you werent the..."
    "I was just saying."
    "Im not under any preasure. I just want friends."
    "No, please dont"
    "No. I'm sorry, really."
    "I imagined it funnier in my head."

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