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  • Wow I got electrified toothbrush WEIRD BUT like the quiz I guess.............. ................... .....

    Booty198 Nov 25 '11, 3:01PM
  • sweet yet creepy im scared of monopoly now thx a lot.....jk

    charlotte fan Mar 16 '09, 8:04PM
  • Burning goopy sensation

    As you trip over a conveniently placed paperclip your head smashes into a dresser door. This will cause a lava lamp to spontaniously combust in your face causing hot, goopy liquids to deteriate your flesh on your face.

    Crazy Monopoly Man
    Frozen to Death
    Anger Towards Quiz
    Electrified Death by Toothbrush
    An army of Three-toed Sloths
    Yeti Sighting

    My brother has a lava lamp! :O

    Sarah Soda Slim Mar 9 '09, 10:02AM

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