I can read your mind

I know you are all soing something different at this time, but if you take this quiz, i can read your mind! I have all types of phsyic powers, and i can prove it!

I know it sounds weird but it is absolutely true! And if you dont Believe me then take this quiz and I will prove it! I havePsychic powers and I can use them to read your mind! Take this quiz now to find out.

Created by: Aiva Kerr

  1. Are you ready for this?
  2. Are you sure?
  3. Are you really really sure?
  4. Are you really really really sure?
  5. Lets get started then!
  6. Moochymounky!
  7. This is the last question
  8. No, this is the last question!
  9. Are you bumperpeppertree?
  10. Wait, was that the last question?

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Quiz topic: I can read my mind