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  • This is what happened to me:

    Does this quiz on a bus bc I was bored, and I was thirsty so I drank a whole bottle of water. I did some more of this quiz and suddenly thought oh frick, I gotta pee bad and I sat down and discreetly grabbed my crotch. The bus went over a bump and i saw a spot on my pants. Ok only one more stop then its mine and the bus stopped suddenly, and there was a visible wet patch. The bus got to my stop and I literately ran out. A few houses before mine I felt warm liquid going down my pants and before I could stop I was peeing myself in the middle of the street. I blushed and started crying, my pants were soaked. Everyone was staring and I ran inside my house and my bff was there and she laughed and took a photo and posted it but we are good. Also I have a bladder weakness problem soooo...

    Siriusly Awkward
  • When I had to imagine myself in the scenarios each of these I wet myself but Ive held in quite a lot. Im sitting in bed and now Im too scared to get up in case I wet myself even more walking to the toilet and my neighbours downstairs will hear the sound of pee as Im going to the toilet because of the poor insulation now Im stuck here. I really loved this quiz and Im gonna take another one now

  • I didnt bother to do all of then cuz I was bursting I had toilet paper in my pants so number 12 I peed a nice long pee in my chair with a towel on it and it helped cuz It went through all toilet paper and undies and there was a patch on my pants so I changed pants ir waas so goooood I loved it!I'll do this again when I need pee bad I loved it!

  • I just gave up on number 13. When I took the quiz I was bursting and the pressure was so intense I was certain that I wouldn't make it to the bathroom anyway. My bladder is tiny and weak. I'm seriously peeing in my pants as I am typing!

    Hermione Harper
  • I wear adult diapers and I had already wet and messed myself 3 times before his. When I took this my diaper leaked!

  • This is what happened to me(almost)
    Laying in bed
    Doing this quiz
    Does more quizzes and come back to this

    *Grabs crouch* OHHHHH I really have to pee but my family is asleep..

    *Waits 2 hours* f--- this i have to go before I wet myself and my family kills me

    *Waddles to the bathroom, holding phone with one hand as flashlight and crouch with the other*

    *Feels wet and runs to the bathroom and sits on the toilet and let's all the pee out* AHHHH- IT FEELS SOOO GOOODDD!!!*the warmness formes around my crouch* huh?

    *I look down and see I forgot to pull down my pants and shorts*....so....did I just...

    I peed myself on the toilet

  • I had a half full bladder when I started, so a bit of squirm, on the second to last question, I was in the kitchen, and my mom came in well I was peeing. Great quiz though!

  • I was already holding my pee for over 3 hours so I was surprised how well I did, then when I could pee, I peed for like 2 minutes. Great job, I enjoyed this, at least by the end!

  • It makes you pee on number 12 so there is no way to fail this quiz because it makes you pee in the quiz because it says now pee on number 12.

    • I wasn't able to. I went before just to prove this quiz wrong ;)

    • lol legit me when I'm petty but don't have anything else to do

      Anime the best
  • Peeing is awesome. I love it so much.

  • That was actually pretty fun. Thanks!

  • Well. It made me pee, but I wanted to, so that why I did this quiz ;) I have warm wet jeans on now, and somehow the urgency to pee is gone.

  • I couldnt fully empty my bladder, as I was too scared, but now I have to go WAY worse than at the start

  • Damn I peed a little and when it was over I could barely make it to the toilet.. ^

  • I just had a laugh attack!

  • I peed a little on the croch against table thing but loved the quiz

    Pink roses01
  • Great job! I love this quiz ;) 10 stars

  • Omg I peed.... Good thing I did this is an empty bathtub... I peed... O well

  • Omg. I have huge wet spot. Thanks.

  • i peed. didn't empty my bladder but i peed a lot

  • Looking back, It was REALLY fun. Try to do it like I did! it was just AWESOME!!!

  • lol I can't believe thi actually worked omg

    ribbed proviso
  • i am glad i was on the toilet :)

  • OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!
    We ll, I did this on my bed?
    NOT a good idea.
    I needa chnge my bed sheets and underwear...


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