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  • Omg. I have huge wet spot. Thanks.

    Teweri069 Nov 30 '18, 4:59PM
  • lol I can't believe thi actually worked omg

    ribbed proviso Jan 30 '18, 3:16PM
  • I had a half full bladder when I started, so a bit of squirm, on the second to last question, I was in the kitchen, and my mom came in well I was peeing. Great quiz though!

    Selene1232 Aug 29 '17, 12:33AM
  • That was actually pretty fun. Thanks!

    312960 Dec 21 '16, 9:42PM
  • It makes you pee on number 12 so there is no way to fail this quiz because it makes you pee in the quiz because it says now pee on number 12.

    jacobh12349 Jun 15 '16, 2:40AM
  • I just gave up on number 13. When I took the quiz I was bursting and the pressure was so intense I was certain that I wouldn't make it to the bathroom anyway. My bladder is tiny and weak. I'm seriously peeing in my pants as I am typing!

    Hermione Harper Jan 30 '16, 4:39AM
  • Looking back, It was REALLY fun. Try to do it like I did! it was just AWESOME!!!

    User Jan 23 '16, 8:51AM
  • I peed a little on the croch against table thing but loved the quiz

    Pink roses01 Jan 18 '16, 9:58PM
  • Great job! I love this quiz ;) 10 stars

    Rebekahh27 Jul 1 '15, 1:47PM
  • I just had a laugh attack!

    mollygen5 May 3 '15, 11:01PM
  • I didnt bother to do all of then cuz I was bursting I had toilet paper in my pants so number 12 I peed a nice long pee in my chair with a towel on it and it helped cuz It went through all toilet paper and undies and there was a patch on my pants so I changed pants ir waas so goooood I loved it!I'll do this again when I need pee bad I loved it!

    User Apr 25 '15, 12:16PM
  • OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!
    We ll, I did this on my bed?
    NOT a good idea.
    I needa chnge my bed sheets and underwear...

    ReneeJustPeed Mar 3 '15, 9:43AM
  • i peed. didn't empty my bladder but i peed a lot

    awetone Jan 6 '15, 4:31PM
  • i am glad i was on the toilet :)

    XXastridXX Dec 30 '14, 6:22AM
  • Well. It made me pee, but I wanted to, so that why I did this quiz ;) I have warm wet jeans on now, and somehow the urgency to pee is gone.

    bjhunter Nov 8 '14, 12:41AM
  • Omg I peed.... Good thing I did this is an empty bathtub... I peed... O well

    toto1050 Oct 30 '14, 6:01PM

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