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  • AMA
    "Ugh I have to go, mother wants me to go to bed. Night. I’ll answer the rest tomorrow."
  • AMA
    "I don’t have any others, just this one."
  • AMA
  • Fart
  • I have to poop
    "*to NOT go down the toilet"
  • I have to poop
    "1. I’ll clog the toilet 2. It’s 1 am and I don’t want to wake anyone up 3. Our toilet hole thing that it’s supposed to go down i"
  • My voice
    "Wut that’s stupid. The bible is something that hasn’t been proved to exist"
  • My voice
    "Y don’t u support le LGBT community?"
  • Hiyaaa!
    "sigh That’s exactly what I mean"
  • Hiyaaa!
    "Yep definitely a lot of drama and weirdness. I’m probably the weirdest user you will meet on this site."
    "https :// www .gotoquiz. com/forum/literature/279280-pee-stories/thread.html (no spaces)"
  • My thread
    "Oh okay thanks."
  • My thread
    "So question: why do farts smell worse in the shower?"
  • "https :// www .gotoquiz. com/forum/offbeat/276837-my-thread/6/thread.html#p7427447 Please unlock."
  • My favorite quizzes
    "https :// www .gotoquiz. com/pee_scenario_quiz"

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