i can guess you age in 3 quitions

there are many people not beliving telepathic powers WHAT YOU DONT well i shall prove it to you be guess you age accuretly and will blow you mind with my powers.

so are you ready to have your life change forever well you better be because i will change it with my telepathic powers of my mind prepare for the quiz of your life!

Created by: Sean Finucane
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. sorry 3 quistions was a lie
  2. do you think i really can guess your age?
  3. do you still go to school
  4. 1001110100011110100110101101010!
  5. do you speak computer
  6. what do you think when i say peanut butter
  7. fav sport
  8. first letter of first name
  9. what is better
  10. do you like pokemon
  11. fav station
  12. last question:10010100101010101

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