Which One Of "The Mane Six" Are You?

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This is just a very short quiz you can take to see which of the "Mane Six" mains, from"My Little Pony" you are. While you're reading I'd like to take a moment of you're time to say "LOL, you just wasted like 2 seconds of your life reading this."

Thank you for actually noticing me, and going on this quiz everybody reading this, and yes, you too Paul. I'd like to take this moment to honor my cat whom I haven't seen in years, and who is probably eating tuna as I am speaking right now, #RUDE.

Created by: L0L
  1. You have five minutes to spend doing whatever you want, what do you do in that time?
  2. A new pony just moved into Ponyville, how do you greet them?
  3. What "Element of Harmony" do you think describes you the most?
  4. Which one of these books would you consider reading?
  5. Random Question #1: If you became a ghost who would you haunt?
  6. Random Question #2: If you could be in one cartoon universe what would it be?
  7. Random Question #3: If you had an Eevee, what would you envolve it into?
  8. Random Question #4:What pixel game have you heard of?
  9. Random Question #5: Is water wet?
  10. Random Question #6: Do you find death sad?
  11. Random Question #7: Which anime have you heard of?

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Quiz topic: Which One Of "The Mane Six" am I?