How Much Do You Know About The Movie ''The Game Plan''?

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In this world I know that God gave many people powers to become smart because he knows that you're going to use it for a good reason.This quiz shows me that God did give you powers for a reason.

If you take this quiz then I'm sure enough by the end of this quiz you'll know if God gave you powers to be smart and if he didn't give you any powers then he will if you show him you can handle it.GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Carnisha

  1. Where,when was the movie released?
  2. What was the little girls name that arrived at Joe's doorstep?
  3. What relationship is that little girl to Joe?
  4. What does the little girl do?
  5. Why does Monique let Joe join in the academy?
  6. True or False:Peyton ran away to be with Joe
  7. What is Peyton allergic to?
  8. Who is Peyton's legal gaurdian?
  9. How was Peyton's real mom killed?
  10. True or False:Joe,Peyton,and Monique dance together in Joe's apartment

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The Movie ''The Game Plan''?