I can guess what MLB team your a fan of!

this is a quiz for me to guess whatmajor leagues baseball team you like the most! I bet i get it right! cuz I'm smart like that. and I use stats.!!!!!

this quiz is based on stats from l the last five MLB seasons. (2005-2010). I really really hope you like and I hope I'm right about your favorite team!

Created by: sara
  1. What team do you hate the most out of these
  2. what player do you hate the most out of these
  3. how many world series has your team been in in the last ten years.
  4. Your team is know for the.....
  5. what color do you prefer
  6. how expensive are tickets to a baseball game for your fave team
  7. How many times has your team made the playoffs since 2005?
  8. does almost everyone in your city root for the same, hometown team?
  9. have you had any league MVPs on your team since 2005?
  10. how many world series MVPs have u had on your team since 2005?

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Quiz topic: I can guess what MLB team my a fan of!