I bet you can't answer these questions!

Hey! I bet you can't answer these questions correctly, unless you google it. No, don't google it. Proof me that what I say is right and you can't answer these questions.

You can't proof me that I was wrong! You won't even get a result of 80% above! I'm sure you can't! Don't challenge me! You want to challenge? Well do the quiz and proof it!

Created by: Matmail

  1. Who invented telephone?
  2. Crustacea is divided to ...
  3. In reality, what is Charlotte?
  4. In what year was The Liberty built?
  5. What date is the national trivia day?
  6. What country has the most islands?
  7. The word "fun" is initially a ...
  8. When was the papyrus first produced?
  9. What study learns humanities?
  10. What does "Significant" mean?
  11. What is any kind of water falling through the air called?
  12. If plants are put in darkness, what'll happen?
  13. What is broken atom called?
  14. What is long-sleep in summer season called?
  15. What is animal with five pairs of legs called?
  16. What does "meteor" mean in Greek language?

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