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What do you know about the month of January. January starts the new year off but do know what else January is know for. How many can you answer correctly without cheating and yes GOOGLE is cheating!

Are you a January genius? If not well hope you learned a little about the month and some significant events, dates, or fun facts to increase you knowledge. Who knows may be useful if your ever on Jeopardy.

Created by: cmorin
  1. Named by the Romans, the month of January was named after the Roman god Janus. Janus is the god of?
  2. The Internet's Domain name system was created in January of what year?
  3. The birth stone for January is the?
  4. In Australia, Australia Day is celebrated on?
  5. What is the British birth flower for the month of January?
  6. Which of the following American presidents was born in January?
  7. In January of what year did, the Euro banknotes and coins enter circulation?
  8. What is the American birth flower for the month of January?
  9. What American holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of January?
  10. How would you say January in Latin?
  11. In January of what year was Czechoslovakia divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  12. Which of the following astrological signs represent January 20th to February 18th?
  13. In the United States, January is national...
  14. The Japanese New Year's is celebrated on what days that fall in January?
  15. Except for leap years, January always begins on the same day as what other month?
  16. Many cultures around the world celebrate New Year's Day on the Spring Equinox. In what month is the Spring Equinox?
  17. National Trivia Day falls on what day in January?
  18. January has 31 days. How many other months also have 31 days?
  19. On what day in January does Haiti celebrate its Independence Day?

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